Death investigation in Sumter County

The Sumter County Sheriff's Office is investigating a homicide in Wildwood. Investigators on Saturday found the body of Michael Kotait, 61, of Winter Garden.

Student gives teacher a raise

A Tampa third-grader gave his teacher an unexpected surprise: $15 and a note saying he didn't think teachers are being paid enough.

Protecting veterans from schemes

They are the people who have served to protect our country, but veterans can also be some of the most vulnerable to fraudulent activity. During a recent congressional hearing, lawmakers highlighted a bipartisan letter that calls on the Department of Veterans Affairs to take a more active role in tracking these scams and educating Veterans about these schemes.

Search for missing woman's body in Winter Garden

Authorities are following up on a lead into the case of a missing woman. Forensic teams are searching a property in Winter Garden for clues into the 2017 disappearance of Jerilynn Handley, last seen in Ocoee.

City of Orlando preparing to sue pharmaceutical companies

The City of Orlando is tackling the growing opioid epidemic by suing "Big Pharma." The lawsuit claims that the epidemic was caused by "malicious conduct" of the pharmaceutical companies "motivated by the corporate need for greater profit."

Teen collects stories and artifacts from veterans to keep stories alive

A Central Florida teenager is keeping the stories of veterans alive. Benjamin Mack Jackson is not your ordinary WWII history buff. Over the past four years, he has conducted interviews with over a hundred WWII veterans from all across the United States and collected artifacts to build a traveling museum.